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5 facts that will reject your boyfriend or bae

This is exactly what we are interested in each girl.
So we'll try to explain why sometimes stop going to the us or simply disappear.

1.Too fast
Most of the girls are quite quickly falls in love and wants to turn his attention only on himself.
Unfortunately, men do not like that.
Most of them want a girl he will not know 'to what are'.
So, rather than immediately after exiting ask questions, such as
 '' When will we see you again? '' Or even worse ''
 Is this now means that we will be together, or you just for fun? ''
No !!! Do not place anything like it.
You say that you do not like at all and you will win it only then! ☺

2.Doubting him
This is a major problem in both sexes.
I'm not much to write but one of fact, they want to have another would not be with you, 
nor would a minute of his time devoted to you!
Show him that he fully believe, but of course keep an eye on things but just enough that
 he did not not figure out.

3.Benefits or the obligation
From your relationships do not create an obligation.
So, there is no correspondence at all day, no questions' Where, when, with whom,
for how long? ''
Try to relax as much as possible.
I mean, if one evening he was unable to reach or to see, that does not mean that it is
 not wanted.
Do not be 'Vipers' who want it all revolves around them.

4.Realise his needs
Men, just like women, need to be with their society.
Do not nag him if the evening would rather go with my friends to the game or anything,
you have him there as his more beautiful half, and not someone who will yell at the judge
and the other things that it is not possible that with you, it seems.

5.Be a good listener (understanding)
If there is a problem and does not want to talk to you about it, that's fine.
Men want to pretend as if they are at the top and that they neither toil.
However, if it comes to that to start to talk about some things that he tortured, look him in the
 eye, give him some advice, embraced him, and let him see that you get it.


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