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How to restore your nails after removing gel

After I removed the gel nails, from my beautiful and powerful
nail almost none were completely destroyed.
But I decided to take all that your nails back and shine

Once a week the polish I held for 20 minutes in a mixture of
milk, half squeezed lemon and one tablespoon of honey, and sometimes 3 more tablespoons of olive oil.
All I slowly warmed up and left nails that are updated.

Every day cuticles, nails and a single I massaged
castor oil, which helps in the growth and repair of nails,

but it helps with problems with hangnails.

It is important that your hands always be hydrated, whenever
you have time spreads his hands a cream.
I used Balea Kamille Hand & Nagel Balsam cream
hands that smells of mint and mint hydrates the skin and quickly absorbing so your hands are not greasy.

I also used the nail to strengthen the nail 8in1 Eveline, who

is excellent.
Smear easy 3 days for one layer, then remove all again
However, it is important that this is not an easy use for a long time without stopping.

After 2 weeks of use a break.

After all these treatments, my nails were rebuilt, cuticles missing and hands became softer.
If you have problems with your nails, try these methods,

I believe that if you restore nails.

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