utorak, 30. lipnja 2015.

Movies You Must Watch

Hey people.
First me, so surely you, sometimes I want to see the film, however, from a bunch of nonsense today there is no longer something that is worth a look.
Enough I have looked and I will recommend you a couple of them who I really liked.

The best of me
One of the romantic drama with which you will surely relax.
We recommend that you look at when you get sore or anything.
Full of emotions and a declaration of love, even though I'm not a romantic, I'm really liked.
It shows what love does and how much can be painful.

But you know what they say, what hurts and it's worth :)

Tres metros sobre el cielo
Most of us watched this movie.
Definitely one of the best!
I do not want to write too much because if you have not looked at it, you have nothing to wait!

One word - perfect -.

Heaven is for real
Christian movie that I recommend to everyone happy!
I saw him at school, we had to program planning to watch a movie.
I thought it would be something boring and not interesting.
I did not cry, tears have their own isle!
Simply, from the boy who is too sweet to his statements to parents..

Full of feelings :)

Fifty Shades of Grey
Various criticisms of this film are really unnecessary.
As for the vulgarity, it exists in this film, but the perspective is essential.
If you look at him just because of 'pornography' then you can not say it is vulgar nonsense.
But when you look from the perspective of feelings, a man who had problems and the wrong way they started to solve, that's another story.
It's nothing special, but it's worth a look.

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