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How to care for your human hair extensions


How are you today?

Today I am writing to you how to care for your extensions. It's very simple. :)

Washing your extensions is simple and you ought to always make certain to ensure that they're clean. After doing activities that will cause you to sweat, you have to wash hair extensions once you are home. It might develop dirt in addition to sweat and you'll have a problem coping with tangles. For those who have extensions that tangle, take it off first before washing hair. Make certain that you don't bend over when washing. Begin with the main to the tip. There's also nice shampoos which you can use that are specifically designed for extensions.

Much like your normal hair, your extensions may also be produced in a method that you want. When styling your extensions, ensure that you simply just use a brush with soft bristles. Unlike washing, you can start brushing your ideal locks in the tip and come to the top. Always brush your hair lightly to prevent tangles. Make certain that you simply also brush hair extension a minimum of two times each day. It's not better to use curling irons or hairdryers in extensions unless of course needed. The greater frequently you utilize these types of hairstyling equipments, the shorter would be the lifespan of the hair extension. Besides, additionally, it plays a role in hair damage and shedding too. Just allocate sufficient time and allow it to dry naturally.

In the finish during the day, you'd most likely wish to wash hair to eliminate the dirt you have all those activities you had. Utilize the washing tips which was pointed out before. Afterward, allow it to dry again naturally. Ensure that you don't sleep together with your hair wet so the extensions won't be broken.

Good hair products ought to be utilized in fixing your extensions from wholesale hair deals. Instead of using conditioners that you'd wash off before leaving the shower, make use of the leave-on conditioner rather. This could help you in achieving a gentle and bouncy hair all day long lengthy. However, you have to put only ample quantity of hair conditioner. You have to all of the products that you'd place in hair. An excessive amount of hair product could cause tangling. In addition to that, you mustn't also employ items that use alcohol since it's primary component. This could lead to dry and wild hair not just around the extension but for you natural extensions simultaneously.

Even though you've extensions to help you look fabulous, don't attempt to complete any treatments by yourself. Including coloring or perming. If you wish to have hair treatments, allow the stylist who extended hair get it done for you personally.

That's all for this post! 

I hope you liked it!

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  1. Nisu mi potrebne ekstenzije s obzirom da imam dugu i čvrstu kosu, ali sigurna sam da će ovaj post biti koristan drugima! :)
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  2. I love extensions, they make such a big difference on your appearance. Thank you for your comment on my blog, I follow you gladly on GFC.

    Best, Gilda

  3. Love these tips! Extensions are so fun, but they're a lot of work too xx

  4. I was just about to try extensions, handy tips;)


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  7. Odličan post.
    Sigurna sam da će svima, koji imaju ekstenzije, ovaj post dobro doći, i biti od velike koristi.
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  8. dobri saveti obzriom da imam te ekstenzije ali ih nikad nisam prala >.<
    na mom blogu procitaj trendi boje lakova za nokte
    Ili kako da napraviš svoj čiviluk

  9. Odličan post, draga. Nemam iskustva sa skupim ekstenzijama, nekad ranije sam koristila ekstenzije sa Gamissa, ali nisam naročito zadovoljna.

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  10. Thanks for your tips about extension hair. Big bug!


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